Fielding - Backing Up


To train fielders in all fielding categories the skill of backing up the throw from various positions in the field.

Key Coaching Points:

Divide the fielders into the three fielding categories i.e.

  • Boundary fielders
  • Inner ring fielders
  • Close catchers

Handle the key coaching points of each category separately:

  • Boundary fielders:

    Must move from the boundary quickly in anticipation of a throw from any fielder on the opposite side of the field to where he is positioned. Remember that thrower has the option of two sets of stamps at which to throw and the boundary fielders behind the line of both sets should be aware of that.


  • Inner ring fielders

    As in the above category, inner ring fielders should move quickly into a position behind the line of an anticipated throw bearing in mind that he has a less time to react than a boundary fielder.

    Inner ring fielders should not attempt to get to the stumps to receive the ball – that is a job of wicketkeeper or bowler.

    Inner ring fielders should ensure that their distance from the stumps is sufficient to sight the ball initially hidden by the wicketkeeper or bowler or to react to slight ricochets or deviations.


  • Close catches

    Close catches functions can vary according to situations and positions. The slips and gully positions should react in similar fashion to the inner ring fielders especially when standing back to a seamer / fast bowler.

    When positioned for a slow bowler, he should ensure that he retreats to a “safe” distance from the stump as with inner ring fielders. He should not attempt to play a role of the wicketkeeper.

    Close catches in front of the bat i.e. silly point, short leg etc should react in similar fashion to the slip cordon (specifically as regards distance).

    He may be required to “take” the stumps when the wicketkeeper does not have time to get to them.
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